Steve Bradley
Manufacturing Engineer, Helm Precision

“At Helm Precision, we are very pleased with Infinisys for a number of reasons. For one, we make some complex parts, and we went through the learning curve to make the parts perfectly. When we went to Infinisys for their help, they were willing to work with us to learn our approved processes to make the parts exactly like we were making them. They additionally don’t cut corners. Rather, they purchase the new equipment and tooling to make the part the right way. Lastly, their delivery time and the quality of work is outstanding."

Mike Beausoleil
Purchasing, Modern Industries

“I’ve known Branko for a number of years from his previous jobs, and so I was aware of his expertise as a design engineer. When he called me to tell me he was opening his own shop, I automatically gave him a shot at some of Modern’s work. Infinisys delivers a good product and they are a quality shop. I admire Branko and Admir’s enthusiasm and drive to get their business growing. They’ve purchased new machines and tooling in a very short period of time, and I am expanding my base of products that I outsource to them."

Steve Benavidez
Shop Overload Buyer/ Planner, Honeywell

“I heard about a shop (Infinisys) that had recently opened and had excess CNC time. I contacted them, and subsequently trialed them on our overload work, specifically for our gears. I found them to be very responsive, dependable and reasonable in their pricing. We just can’t use any machine shop -- we need a shop that can machine to the tight tolerances needed in the aerospace industry. Infinisys’ equipment and expertise fit the bill. Now that they have installed their Inspection facility, we are even more comfortable knowing that the parts will exceed our expectations."

Kevin Connolly
Head of Purchasing, Har-Phill Machine Products

“Infinisys contacted us when they opened shop. We tried them out on a few parts and now we are using them exclusively for an entire family of parts Their quality is superb and they bend over backwards to do almost the impossible. They work within our planning and first inspection processess. We require that first article inspection done internally within our company before our vendor can move to production - with Infinisys we never had a problem. They just do an excellent job as a supplier."